What You DEF Need to Know About Diesel Exhaust Fluid

What makes柴油发动机ld乐动体育客服so intriguing? Now there’s a loaded question for ya. Take your pick: their sheer intricacy, ridiculous capabilities in horsepower and torque, response to power-adders, and the list goes on. Sure, there are things that diesels share with theirgasoline-platform cousins。虽然,对于每个类似的数据点,几乎完全有三个分开设计。案例在点:柴油机排气流体(或短路)。对于初学者来说,Def可能看起来像一个外星人的概念,但没有错误 - 这是一个组成的部分柴油所有权


柴油排气流体以乘客卡车用作一种方式乐动板球reducing the harmful emissions花费柴油燃料,即氮氧化物(NOx)排放。这很重要,因为(当EPA指出)这些高反应气体,当燃料在高温下燃烧时形成的高反应性气体是非常讨厌的,其实有毒。经常出现作为棕色气体,“NOx是一种强氧化剂,在恒温夏天产生臭氧(烟雾)的挥发性有机化合物在大气反应中发挥着重要作用。”


这就是为什么,在2010年,它成为所有柴油卡车都配备了专用于将Def使用的系统配备。乐动板球由32.5%尿素和67.5%的去离子水组成,将柴油排气流体喷射到车辆中排气系统to help breakdown the NOx emissions, turning them into harmless nitrogen and water. If you’re thinking,“尿素。这听起来像“尿液”奇怪的“你实际上是在右脑度上。尿素是当体代谢蛋白质时产生的有机化合物。(是的,我们将其驱逐为尿液。)尽管缺乏刚刚获得绰号“猪尿液”,但柴油气排气流体实际上由商业级尿素合成氨和碳制成。乐动体育-app安卓



是的,我们知道。柴油排气流体还有一个要添加到你的东西例行维护清单。Not to mention, it also requires a little more attention than some other diesel fluids.

一,是法规that put DEF into place are pretty strict, meaning automakers have had to take them very seriously. And that trickles down to you, because your diesel truck is programmed to reduce engine power if you run out of DEF. While you’ll receive a warning when levels are low, the average diesel truck burns about one gallon of DEF every 200-300 miles. This just so happens to be about how long a tank of gas in your truck should last. While you can always top off at a station, keeping an extra gallon or two of DEF on hand is a smart move.(顶峰是一种自豪的卡车的供应商,并为大约5美元出售加仑水罐。)乐动板球

填充很容易。只需寻找DEF坦克,通常用蓝色填充帽和单词标记(you guessed it)“Diesel Exhaust Fluid.” The free service site,discoverdef.comreports that while some people have managed to confuse their diesel fluid and DEF tanks, it’s rare. “The standard nozzle diameter for DEF is 0.75 inches (19mm), compared to 0.87 inches (22 mm) for diesel, preventing the diesel nozzle from ever being inserted into the DEF tank,” the site points out. But if, by somestroke of terrible luck or stupidity,你确实混淆了这两个,尽快到经销商,不要驾驶车辆。即使是少量柴油燃料也可以在系统上造成严重破坏。


如果您决定保留一些备用液体,请记住,DEF是一种基于水的解决方案,所以这意味着它将在冬季冻结。According to Cummins Filtration, “A 32.5% solution of DEF will begin to crystallize and freeze at 12 °F (-11 °C). At 32.5%, both the urea and water will freeze at the same rate, ensuring that as it thaws, the fluid does not become diluted, or over concentrated.”

好消息,自从它还可以冻结你的坦克。Luckily, the Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) system that allows DEF to break down NOx emissions is also designed to heat the tank and lines, so everything can thaw properly—although, it will take some time. In short, be mindful of where you store your spare Diesel Exhaust Fluid and where you park your truck.

此外,DEF有保质期。通常,柴油机排气流体将持续大约两年。但是,如果它存储在一个非常温暖的空间(超过86°F / 30°C)或直射阳光下,期望将该号码降落。与车辆中的其他液体相比,Def是最不危险的,但它仍然应该仔细处理。乐动体育-app安卓因此,不要将其存放在由碳钢,铝,铜或锌制成的容器中,因为它可以腐蚀金属。乐动体育-app安卓值得注意的是,有些卡车将在DEF系统中有一个过滤器,你需要乐动板球注意到它的状况为确保系统可以正常工作。


Some people claim DEF systems have improved their vehicle’s fuel efficiency and power. Others see it as a burden and an unnecessarily complicated add-on to an otherwise blissfully-simple engine.(得到笑话?因为柴油所有权真的没有什么简单。)无论你落在什么身边,都记得删除卡车的Def系统意味着车辆将不再是街道法律。乐动板球最终,DEF系统真的没有做任何事情来损害电力输出,并删除它需要一切调整然后。也许有些重量节省可能会考虑,但柴油正在抽出的所有力量,这是真的值得麻烦吗?

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    It’s a minor annoyance in my BMW 335d to have to put DEF in it but my local truck stop has it and it cured the DEF warning. But there are plenty of other things that warrant deletion, The DPF system clogs with soot, The EGR clogs with soot and in turn clogs the intakes and intake manifold with soot requiring an expensive walnut media blast to remove carbon and soot.